Upcoming Changes to Diamond Packages


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Dear Kings and Queens,

We are reviewing the products provided in our Cash Shops (both Mobile and Browser) on a regular basis and must decide whether any changes are necessary based on the current market and currency situation.

After carefully checking our product offerings, we have made the decision to adjust the contents for some of our packages.

Therefore, we're informing you about upcoming changes to the 9.99, 19.99 and the 49.99 package on our Browser version to the 23rd of May, 2019:
  • The amount of Diamonds in the 9.99 package will be reduced by 8%, the price of 9.99 will remain the same.
  • The amount of Diamonds in the 19.99 package will be reduced by 18%, the price of 19.99 will remain the same.
  • The amount of Diamonds in the 49.99 package will be reduced by 22%, the price of 49.99 will remain the same.

Please note, that the amount of Diamonds of these packages in the Mobile Stores will also be adjusted. None of the other packages on Mobile and Browser will be affected by the changes, as both the amount of Diamonds as well as the actual price will stay the same. It's also important to note that our prices (with very few regional exceptions) haven’t been changed since the end of April 2017.

The new pricing will come into effect on the 23rd of May, 2019. Until then, you can still purchase the packages with the current pricing / amount of Diamonds on both Browser and Mobile Stores.
We understand that changes like this are never popular, however they are necessary to ensure all the packages we offer remain balanced, and align with one another.

Please leave any questions regarding this change in our discussion thread.
Thank you for your understanding and for playing Forge of Empires.

Your Forge of Empires Team
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