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Upcoming PVP Arena Feedback

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How will defending AI work against attacking rogues here? If it's just like when your city gets attacked, this whole PVP area is rather pointless.
Who says there is any AI ?
It could be like A**** B**** where battles are sort of recorded and then thrown at an online member .

If there is no player available, the NPC opponents will appear , this means that you will never have to leave your units to the hands of AI in this arena.

EDITEDIT : I just found contradictory info so I am really not sure.
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Who are you fighting against? people in your hood? everybody?

someone said it is everybody, but that would be dumb, as no one below SAM would have a chance to get anywhere near the top...

And now we know why this years Soccer Event has a tournament feature.
I sure hope they don't use code from the soccer tournament for the PvP fighting tournament.
It's one thing to lose event currency on senseless matches you have no control over, entirely another to lose units...
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Hopefully we actually get to fight the battles instead relying on the current tournament RNG to lose for us.
per beta: it will be autobattle, which is gonna suck.
it's not really PvP, rather it's AI vs. AI

I wonder if you will still have the option not to participate by not researching military tactics?
per beta: it will be unlocked with the mercenary tech in EMA.


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So the main prize is Medals? How many, another thimble full?

My next expansion costs 1.1M medals (yea, I'm still sort of newbie-ish). If I were to come in 1'st in current PVP every week, for the next 70 YEARS I'll be there!!!
(Hum, I guess the thimble isn't even half full, is it?)

I don't suppose there is any chance this will get it down from decades to months, right? I should keep grinding the 1.9 thread for medals, right?
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