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Update to 1.185 - Feedback


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It doesn't matter if you are honest or not. They have an advanced algorithm that analyses your age based on footage they intercept from your phone or computer's camera. It is usually accurate to about a 2.5% error.
I don't usually react to posts like these, but thanks for giving me a good laugh!


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The Resource Overview in settlements is an awesome addition. Thanks for adding that!
However, I'm not crazy about the numbers that are displayed for goods shortages for locked advancements.

See image below. I have 49 Axe. That is enough to unlock Clan House that needs 31.
However, the row for Old Willow shows 73 (-24). My first thought on seeing that was that I need to produce 24 more Axe to be able to unlock Willow.
But that isn't right. When I unlock Clan, I'll only have 49-31=18 left. Willow needs 73. So I really need to produce 73-18=55 Axe.
55 is the important number to me. That's the number I need to plan what to produce while I'm waiting for the sheep to be sheared. But 55 isn't shown. I need to know to mentally add 31+24=55 to get there. And it gets even more clumsy if you want to plan a few advancements ahead.

It would be preferable if the shortage numbers accounted for the goods you need to spend to get to an advancement. It shouldn't be necessary to 'do the math' to see how many more goods I need.



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OMG, you did it again
How can I opt out of the unit selection "improvement"?
Not going to argue with you all the non-combatant players, but the lock on last age selection is not good for me.
For those that do 10 fights a day , it's a dream come true, but for me not
Leave it at "all ages". How hard can that be?

Mackey the First

New Member
Yes! This would make everyone, happy. @DevaCat would still be able to get the outdated items, and we would also have more chance to see newer items.
I am with @DevaCat in the original context of not just splashing the AD wit new items. In fact, I want INNO to go a step further and STOP putting all the items in the AD. I want to see some items become associated solely to an event, like the Crow's Nest. Only in the Summer event and only in the pirate theme. Then go even further and say, make items one and done. You either win them in an event or you never get the chance. (to ensure the item remains a piece in play, you may only upgrade but never reacquire, as the numbers dictate)

Bill N Missy

New Member
this is very true, and probably deserves being put in a proposal.
say, buildings that are less than 2 years old are relevant. for the first 2 years, all items are relevant. after 4 years, only half of the items are relevant, and after 8 years, only a quarter of the buildings are relevant. People will eventually lose interest in the AD as it will become so hard to get any useful building from it.
Maybe the AI model could be coded to direct offers to those that need them in their city
Anyone know if there was a list of what new items were added to the AD with this update? I looked here and there but didn't find anything. There's some things I've been waiting for and I'd like to know if I should be checking every two hours for a new item or not. Thanks.
Got ya covered :)
View attachment 16742

It is not shown in the top left corner as shown on the picture in the Update to 1.185 announcement.
Yeah this is what I’m seeing also.
This is the announcement for this part : “It's now possible to check how many resources are needed to complete a specific Age. You can view that upon clicking on "Research Costs" in the Tech Tree:”
There is nothing in the upper left corner, and the question mark shows all the new things for the new age. What am I missing?