Useless/crappy relic and GE prizes

Discussion in 'Forge Hall' started by BA the Beast, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. BA the Beast

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    Apr 14, 2018
    I would like to propose the elimination or at least a greatly reduced occurrence of gate of the sun god, face of the ancient and possibly the ritual flame prizes in the GE portion of the game. I can safely say for my guild mates that these are less than useful and are of absolutely no use to anyone past the first few levels. I currently have over 20 of all but the ritual flame and have previously deleted close to the same number in the past. The relic prizes seem to have taken a turn for the worse in terms of quality.
  2. Algona

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    Feb 22, 2015
    Sure. What good prizes do you want INNO to remove to keep the overall quality of the prizes the same?
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  3. BigBlueGuy

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    Aug 2, 2017
    I agree with you in principle, however the problem becomes this: if you remove "crappy" prizes (I have almost 100 Motivation Kits that I'm keeping in inventory for some inexplicable reason), then the "good" prizes become less valuable, relatively speaking. If you got a Shrine of Knowledge for every GE relic, where would you put them? Sure, they would still have value, but there would be no variety, no reason to make tough Civil Engineering decisions with your city, no challenge at all to the game. Everyone would have a city full of SoKs and Wishing Wells, and a couple of GBs, and would become disinterested in short order.

    I don't need coins, supplies, happiness, goods, or headcount. In fact, right now all I need are diamonds and forge points. So should every GE prize, every Treasure Hunt prize, be just FPs and diamonds? That doesn't sound right.

    So what is a good alternative? (You didn't provide any suggestions for improvements, so I'll throw an idea out there.)

    How about this: For every GE or Treasure Hunt prize, you are offered the "standard" prize (whatever you rolled), or an "alternate" prize of a different type, but at 1/2 value. For example, if I "rolled" a 60,000 coin prize that I didn't want, I would be offered the option of choosing a 30,000 supply prize, or a 25 goods prize (however the "value math" works out).

    How does that sound?
  4. Alvadora

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    Apr 21, 2017
    No. Gate of ancient and sun gate sre super buildings. Every time a “gain x happiness” quests comes up, they are invaluable. They are buildin 5 seconds and give great happiness.

    Otherwise, yeah, you need good prices and bad prices. If you onoy got good prices, then they wouldn’t be as good anymore and soon u9u would be complaining abuot: ‘no more soks, i have enough’, no more terrace farms, give me better rewardw’. Lol

    Also, make use of the “bad prices”, got another cultural building you don’t need. The next time a “collect s coins or x suppoy’ quest come along, place them, tear them down immediately and finish your quest without waiting for collection time. Lol most of the stuff has some use.
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