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Seeing how i can't seem to find the right thread. This one will have to do the GE games come too FAST .... what i mean is there is no time to rest... making it a week between games would allow some of us to rebuild torn and tattered armies do something on world map.... Seeing how so many Guilds put a high price on GE and get a min. of 4 encounters or go! this is quickly losing its fun factor...... Then there is world map i can't seem to progress on this map due to the limited time between GE games... Now a limited time contest and GE when so many Guilds do GE or go.. GE takes all my time and resources and if i get plundered this causes not end of unhappiness not that GE isn't fun but it seems to all i do......... FUN FACTOR LOW!


I really don't agree with you on that, knightguard. I can finish all 64 in an hour, and frequently do as soon as I get home from work. Restructure your city to suit the needs of your goals and you will find success a simple matter. On 2 worlds I'm searching for guilds that have a 32 minimum to keep from being dragged into losing by those who can't make that adjustment. Lava Walkers would be an excellent guild for you if you would like to learn how to make the change and become a more effective player.