Valyria Actively recruiting

I started a small guild with another player almost a year ago, and now that we're level 15 we're starting to recruit players. Here are the details:
- We need folks to actively do GE through level 1 at least. We open as many levels as we can do.
- having an obs or arc is helpful, or you can just donate era goods so we can open GE levels
- We're on the GVG map a little already, and interested fighters are welcome to join but its a very low pressure thing at this point. if you want to learn to fight in gvg this may be the place for you.
- fp swap threads are added as needed, and as we get more members the threads etc will grow with us
- open trade- do what you like.

theres not application, just join us, chat with us, and see if you like us:)

- Jarius and Jaeharys