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Vengeance is recruiting

Soul Slayers

New Member
One of the last pure fighting guilds in O world is looking for for fighters and dedicated guild members. We fight in GE weekly and have seldom been beaten. Fighters who can fight 64 battles each GE are preferred. We fight in GVG nightly, all ages. And we are a diamond league member in Guild Battle Grounds. Great prizes, lots of fun.
We are an elite Level 74 guild. Level 74 gives you 9 FP a day from town hall, 32% recruitment bonus and an 18% building rebate. Vengeance is the guild that never stops. All swap threads, a 1.8 thread and a 1.9 thread that flow all night long.
Helpful and fun guildmates and lots of fighting. What else could you ask for?

Pm myself or Lolalancelot for an interview.