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Forwarded View-by Feature in Inventory

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It would be very useful to be able to view our Inventories by smaller categories. Similar to the views available in Army Management.

Current System
In the Inventory window, we have five viewing options: All items, Buildings, Consumable items, Goods, Great Buildings. There is no way to view smaller categories than that. Those of us who have been playing for a long time have accumulated lots of items in our inventories, and it becomes difficult to sort through them all, looking for the ones we want. I keep all the items I get, because they might be useful eventually, even if they're not useful right now, or they may be useful right now, but I don't have the space in my city to put them yet. Then I get a quest to build a building of a particular type from my age. I may already have one in my inventory, but I have to search through all of them to find it.

In the Army Management window, we can view our units in many categories:
* Attached / Unattached
* By unit type: Light, Heavy, Ranged, Fast, Artillery
* By Age
And I almost never need to use these categories. Since all the units are sorted by Age and then by Type, it's very easy to just scroll to the ones you want.

The Inventory window doesn't have as many convenient categories, and the items don't appear in any useful order.

Particularly for the Buildings, it would be nice to be able to view the buildings you have by type: Residential, Production, Cultural, Good, Military, Decoration, Special.
And it would also be useful to view them by Age, either "All Ages" or a particular age.
This could be done with two pull-down menus, similar to the ones in the Army Management window.

For Consumable Items, the categories aren't quite as obvious (and Age doesn't apply), so a single pull-down menu would suffice. You would know the categories better than I would, and only a few would be needed:
* Forge Point Packages
* Boost bottles and Boost Crates
* "Hourglasses" Finish / Rush items
* Upgrades, including Renovation Kits, One-Up Kits, and event building upgrades.
* Self-Aid Kits and Mass Self-Aid Kits
* "Other", including Store Buildings, Selection Kits, and anything else I've left out.

If that's too many categories, then some of the above could be combined together. Any breakdown, even if there were only three categories, would be useful.

The Goods tab probably does not need any modification. Everything is in order and easy to see and access.

The Great Building tab is OK, but it might be nice to be able to view it sorted by Age, or by whether you've built it or not.

Abuse Prevention
This is just a way to present information so it's more convenient. There is no potential for abuse.

Visual Aids
My Photoshop skills (and time) are lacking, but you know what the windows look like already, and you know what pull-down menus look like.

For people with lots of stuff in their inventory, this would make finding and using the items they want much easier.
Pleade add comments to thread- https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/view-by-feature-in-inventory.23764/
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