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Hey guys I have a quick question about the Viking Settlements. I have so far completed each settlement before the first deadline easily using a a 8-8-4 production cycle. The problem is that I am not going to be able to continue that. I have cross country practice almost every morning and have to get up pretty early for that. Running the 8-8-4 cycle has kept me up way too late, mostly because of the 1 hour build times for all goods buildings. Obviously the goods buildings need to be replaced a lot, so this usually adds an extra hour or two to the cycle depending on the day. This keeps me up much later than I would like. I can’t continue running tired, and when I go back to school in the fall I won’t be able to run an 8-8-4 production cycle anyways. Because of this I’m going to switch to an 8-8 production cycle (leave out that final 4 hour production).

I understand that I probably won’t be able to make the first deadline anymore, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience using 8-8 production cycles for the Vikings. What deadline do you usually make? Are there any specific hints that would help a player using an 8-8 cycle?

Thanks everyone, any advice, experience, or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Or you could switch to a 1 day schedule for your goods. Someone tested this strategy and was unable to meet the first deadline but did manage to finish before time completely ran out.


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This is inherently the issue with the settlements imho, you're a slave to the timer. They're extremely time-sensitive, and even losing a day's worth of production could be the difference between gold and silver. Thankfully, being someone who does miss a lot of the timers and such, I can say that for a while you should still finish in silver. The later you get in the settlements the less likely this is to work, but for a while you should do okay. :)

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I completed the first 13 viking settlements with max time bonus - i was inno’s slave lol

Then i picked up job # 2 and it took me 2 months to finish the last two settlements (this was also right when they adjusted the greater runestone fragment payout - and i recieved my 2nd lv 5 runestone ... this was a death sentence for my motivation to complete it quickly)

A busy schedule and max settlement rewards are very much at odds with one another — the smart choice would be to focus on life and live with your mediocre foe settlement results

Japan settlement begins today and the rewards are amazing ! The equivalent of the greater runestone is a 3x4 which is obviously a lot bigger than 2x2 .... hopefully by the time i complete the 15th settlement i will have scraped up enough fragments for 1 max level building but it isnt my priority

Best of luck !


I don't see that option yet. It'll probly show up after I complete the latest Vikings settlement I'm working on.