Forwarded Visual Improvements to Battle Maps

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Add different colors to battle maps to distinguish between movement and attack ranges (with turn off option). Also make different terrain features more easily distinguishable and simplified by keeping them within their hex.

Current System (if applicable)
Currently movement and attack range are shown only with very light shadows. Different terrain features such as the palm tree show the top of the palm 2 hexes above the base where cover is provided to light units.

For visual aid, I am proposing that different colors should be added to the hexs to more easily distinguish between the attack range and movement range while hovering over a unit. I would suggest blue for movement range and red for attack range, but am open to using alternate colors as long as they are easily distinguishable from each other and the terrain in the background.

For additional visual aid, re image the battle maps terrain features to keep them from spilling out of their hex. As an example, the top of the palm tree is shown 2 hexes above the base where the actual cover is provided for light units. Other types of vegetation also spills out or is difficult to determine the amount of cover it provides. Other examples of not so easily distinguishable features are hills and swamps from plains.

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I feel old asking for visual aid, but really only just turned 40.

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