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Forwarded Vivid Color Differences for Improved Visual Accessibility

Have a visual mode that have vivid color differences so that those who have trouble seeing can play a game without stressing

Current System (if applicable)
Various buildings have close to the same color as the collection OR the sleeping icon isn't well see OR plundering (lighting bolt) nearly the same color.

Have a vivid color difference would be important for many players with a visual disability.

Abuse Prevention
No abuse, I see the current system more abusive than what's being proposed.

I firmly believe this is a fair proposal, in fact it levels the playing field.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
+1 Yes, many visual aspects of this are lacking and should be addressed. Just because some players aren't affected doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.


Well-Known Member
+1. I'm always for accessibility upgrades for games, even though I have no problems with the current system.


+1 I like this idea. When ive been away from the game a while (hours), i log in to the PC & see the Icon on the left menu indicating that theres something to collect.

I collect all of the things, however the icon on the left STILL shows up - advising theres something to collect. i spend the next 5 minutes scanning my city trying to find the last thing to collect.

Stephen Longshanks

+1 on the proposal but I'm still trying to decipher the thread title. It sounds like the inexact translation of a government manual.
I'm guessing that they contacted in-game support about the issue and were told by that mod to post it as a proposal. I have no direct knowledge that this is what happened, but it seems the most reasonable explanation for the thread title.


Well-Known Member
Obviously not or it would've been changed OR a moderator wouldn't direct me to the forums, would they?
They would. When support (who are volunteer players) have no answers about something that doesn't exist in the game (like contrasting colors) the standard response is: "Go to the forum and make a proposal." This gives you the illusion of control, while getting you off their back.

So yes, Inno is well aware of the request, which they're either working on, or not. Either way, I'm not sure the value of re-proposing something that's already been proposed and sent to Inno multiple times. Since they've yet to address the issue, they're aware the issue continues to exist, I'm pretty sure no one there thinks it simply went away.

Stephen Longshanks

Okay, now that we've discussed whether Inno knows about this issue, let's get to expressing either support or non-support for the proposal itself.


Well-Known Member
+ 1
I support making things better for people with vision problems when possible, although I hope that if/when Inno addresses this the solution isn't too garish esthetically.

Off topic: I try to use humor too, but it's tricky sometimes. I've had a few bomb, and I've just had to go "ouch, that didn't go well" :rolleyes: