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<IGN> <Age> <Great buildings> <activity level> <other notes>
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aarongould; LMA; all but deal; high; I visit friends daily, but do not invest FPs, I am willing to trade FPs on GBs though.

Lord Greystorm

I am Lord Greystorm, Early Middle Age, Statue of Zeus, High.
I motivate/polish several times a week.

I read profiles before I motivate/polish.
I will invest in great buildings.
Sorry, I don't trade with friends.
I look forward to hearing from you.

​With respect,




- Statue of Zeus
- Lighthouse of Alexandria
- Saint Mark Basilica
- Notre Dame
- Hagia Sophia
- Frauenkirche of Dresden
- Saint Basil Cathedral
- Deal Castle
- Cathedral of Aachen
- Castle del Monte
- Royal Albert Hall
- Capitol
- Alcatraz
- Chateau Frontenac
- Cape Canaveral
- Space Needles
- Dynamic Tower
- The Arc
- Temple of Relics
- Terracotta Army

AID/tavern visit daily

will trade adhering to Fair Trade Agreement ( FTA )

* Please send friend invitation , gladly accept all .
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more days than not
lighthouse, st marks, Zeus, Aachen, hagia, Colisseum, babel when I get room


kommay - Colonial. Aachen Cathedral, Tower of Babel, Profiles read for preferences. P/M most days.


Zeus and looking for BPs for others.
I M/P almost every day and do my best to honor preferences.
Willing to trade in bulk using fair trade principles if requested.


lighthouse(lvl2-easyprints:D) and babel(lvl6)
m/p nearly every day but i do have a real life and busy work schedule


Hi all I'm a daily and Motivate / Polish daily. I'm looking for the same,please add me.


aurelius Industrial age P/M everyday. I have Alexandria, Dresden, Del Monte, St. Basil and Aachen.


<IGN> NghtShad
<Age> Middle Late Bronze Age
<Great buildings> Nothing yet
<activity level> Always on while I am at work. Check back every 15-30 min
<other notes> Will M/P several times a week

Lord Biohazard

New Member
Lord Biohazard; Low Middle Ages; zero great buildings; Active most of the time; I make fair trades that benefit everyone, i give every single one of my forge points to the great buildings of my friends, i daily visit friends to polish or motivate, at the moment i am also hiding eggs at every opportunity in my friends empires.


hi all new to game. donate a good many forge points to great buildings. add me i need people to give eggs to!! since i attack everyone around me.. hahahaha


New Member
p/m daily
i contribute to GBs
i love to give and receive eggs
add me, all requests accepted


I'm new to the forum... and I've been playing the game for only a few weeks now. I'm currently only playing 3 of the four worlds, with Arvahall being the only one I have not begun... yet, anyway. Brisgard is the only world in which haven't been able to join a Guild... I can't recall how I was able to join a Guild from the other two worlds. How can I join a Guild from Brisgard?


New Member
EMA-GB statue of zeus,tower of babel soon to come,i am on every day polishing and motivating to get bp for GB,I do fair trade with what I have I do stock up on early age goods when I have it. Shoot me an invite.