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Discussion in 'Cirgard Drama' started by aarongould, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. aarongould

    aarongould Guest

    <IGN> <Age> <Great buildings> <activity level> <other notes>
    I will edit the intial post to include posts below for 1 authoritative list. Feel free to add comments on how to improve this thread.
    aarongould; LMA; all but deal; high; I visit friends daily, but do not invest FPs, I am willing to trade FPs on GBs though.
  2. Greetings,
    I am Lord Greystorm, Early Middle Age, Statue of Zeus, High.
    I motivate/polish several times a week.

    I read profiles before I motivate/polish.
    I will invest in great buildings.
    Sorry, I don't trade with friends.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    ​With respect,
  3. papo_45

    papo_45 New Member

    Dec 4, 2012

    Artic Era

    - Statue of Zeus
    - Lighthouse of Alexandria
    - Saint Mark Basilica
    - Notre Dame
    - Hagia Sophia
    - Frauenkirche of Dresden
    - Saint Basil Cathedral
    - Deal Castle
    - Cathedral of Aachen
    - Castle del Monte
    - Royal Albert Hall
    - Capitol
    - Alcatraz
    - Chateau Frontenac
    - Cape Canaveral
    - Space Needles
    - The Habitat
    - Dynamic Tower
    - The Arc
    - Temple of Relics

    AID/tavern visit daily

    will trade adhering to Fair Trade Agreement ( FTA )

    * Please send friend invitation , gladly accept all .
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  4. Falstaff1

    Falstaff1 Guest

    more days than not
    lighthouse, st marks, Zeus, Aachen, hagia, Colisseum, babel when I get room
  5. kommay

    kommay Guest

    kommay - Colonial. Aachen Cathedral, Tower of Babel, Profiles read for preferences. P/M most days.
  6. calkrol

    calkrol Guest

    Zeus and looking for BPs for others.
    I M/P almost every day and do my best to honor preferences.
    Willing to trade in bulk using fair trade principles if requested.
  7. Drewkowski

    Drewkowski Guest

    lighthouse(lvl2-easyprints:D) and babel(lvl6)
    m/p nearly every day but i do have a real life and busy work schedule
  8. Papyrus

    Papyrus New Member

    Jan 8, 2013
    m/p Daily. Babel (L/0) by the end of the day... Even Easier BP :)
  9. kerbr

    kerbr Guest

    Hi all I'm a daily and Motivate / Polish daily. I'm looking for the same,please add me.
  10. chiroref

    chiroref Guest

    Industrial Age
    P/M daily.
    9 GBs.
  11. aurelius

    aurelius Guest

    aurelius Industrial age P/M everyday. I have Alexandria, Dresden, Del Monte, St. Basil and Aachen.
  12. STZao

    STZao Guest

    <STZao> <Early MIddle> <None> <3-5x a day>
  13. NghtShad

    NghtShad Guest

    <IGN> NghtShad
    <Age> Middle Late Bronze Age
    <Great buildings> Nothing yet
    <activity level> Always on while I am at work. Check back every 15-30 min
    <other notes> Will M/P several times a week
  14. Lord Biohazard

    Lord Biohazard New Member

    Nov 11, 2012
    Lord Biohazard; Low Middle Ages; zero great buildings; Active most of the time; I make fair trades that benefit everyone, i give every single one of my forge points to the great buildings of my friends, i daily visit friends to polish or motivate, at the moment i am also hiding eggs at every opportunity in my friends empires.
  15. g00dbye

    g00dbye Guest

    hi all new to game. donate a good many forge points to great buildings. add me i need people to give eggs to!! since i attack everyone around me.. hahahaha
  16. hooliganSR

    hooliganSR New Member

    Mar 6, 2013
    p/m daily
    i contribute to GBs
    i love to give and receive eggs
    add me, all requests accepted
  17. kdi711

    kdi711 Guest

    I'm new to the forum... and I've been playing the game for only a few weeks now. I'm currently only playing 3 of the four worlds, with Arvahall being the only one I have not begun... yet, anyway. Brisgard is the only world in which haven't been able to join a Guild... I can't recall how I was able to join a Guild from the other two worlds. How can I join a Guild from Brisgard?
  18. the aurelian

    the aurelian Member

    Jan 25, 2013
    The Aurelian, looking for friends with the Castel del Monte to contribute Forge Points to. But will accept all invites
  19. Randall83

    Randall83 Guest

    High Middle Ages
    Cathedral of Aachen
    Daily P/M
    Online while working
  20. allenpercifield

    allenpercifield New Member

    Apr 11, 2013
    EMA-GB statue of zeus,tower of babel soon to come,i am on every day polishing and motivating to get bp for GB,I do fair trade with what I have I do stock up on early age goods when I have it. Shoot me an invite.