Want friends? Post here. Accept friends from here.

bored rob

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bored rob


Statue of Zeus - lvl 1
Tower of Babel - lvl 0

Active more days than not.

Looking for people interested in helping level the GBs. One stop shopping for Bronze Age BPs!


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Cleared up my list a bit, so here goes.

* ThePhantom
* Industrial Age

* St. Mark's (lvl 8 ), Castel del Monte (lvl 6), Statue of Zeus (lvl 6), Cathedral of Aachen (lvl 6), Lighthouse of Alexandria (lvl 5), Deal Castle (lvl 5), Colosseum (lvl 4), Notre Dame (lvl 3), Royal Albert Hall (lvl 1), and Saint Basil's Cathedral (lvl 1).

* Visiting at least every other day (but trying to do it everyday).

* I'd prefer the same contribution --- at least a visit every other day; you are free to skip any visits from your side if you'd like to actively contribute to my GBs, simply drop me a message to let me know.
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Joe1962, Looking for some more friends to M/P daily. I have 6 GBs. Must invite me. Thanks Joe!
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Looking for some friends - send invite to tragicjohnson47

I'm a daily player and will M/P your city


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Hi! My name is debuffed.

I am a daily player in the Early Middle Ages. I read people's descriptions as to their preference of motivation/polishing. Looking for more friends to add to my list.

Currently have no GBs (bad luck on blueprints), been dumping all my excess FPs into other people's.


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Hello! Looking for friends to motivate/polish
In Early Middle Ages and play daily
I also have a Zeus and looking for BP hunters to contribute!


No GB's yet.
Daily Player

I p/m 5-7 times a week. I try to do daily, either in the morning or at night after work.

I p/m what you ask, I do not polish decorations (unless you ask, or that is all that is left on your board).

I'm looking to add friends who will do the same in return.


High Middle Ages
P/M Daily
Statue of Zeus lvl2
Will trade fairly.


C world
I P/M daily. I will try to honor your P/M requests. If you also P/M daily, please add me!


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I am playing on Fel Pranghyr and Cirgard
I play every day and will Motivate or Polish every chance I get..
Please add me.