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lord whiselton

hi there iam Lord whiselton i will M/P most days i have 3 GBs the lighthouse leval 4 (iron age) and catherdral/ hague (early middle age) both leval 1 so lots of easy blue prints add me il accept


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Hi everyone, I have just started less than a week ago and realized I have no friends here. I will play daily and polish/motivate at every opportunity. Please either add me as a friend or explain to me how to add you, just can't quite figure that part out. :)

ps: Would love to find a friendly guild as well. Also don't know how to determine which world I am in. Yes, I'm as helpless as I sound.
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Doom DaDa

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Please add me as a friend

Cirgard, East-Nagach
Late Middle Ages, High MA
Zeus, Babel, Aachen
Daily Player
Motivate most neighbors daily - try to return favor
Fair Trader

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looking for friends, been around awhile have 3 GB. Daily player will motivate/polish and make fair trades.



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LMA level
Have the first 11 GBs (Zeus, Babel, Alexandria, Colosseum, Aachen, Hagia Sophia, St. Marks, Notre Dame, Castel del Monte, St. Basil's Cathedral, & Observatory)
Several are level 3 or lower. Great way to earn BPs, Forge packets, and Medals!
M/P daily.
Please send invite.
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I am looking for CA and above friends I p/m everyday. I also have 10 GBs to add to.. I can send or recieve just message me if you need me to send.


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I always welcome new friends and accept all friend requests. I m/p guild mates and friends daily and try to meet their preferences as much as possible.



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Mandril - Contemporary Age - daily player

Great Buildings:

- Colosseum
- Deal Castle
- St. Mark's Basilica
- Frauenkirche of Dresden
- Alcatraz
- Cathedral of Aachen

Looking for friends currently in the Late Middle Ages as I need to polish/motivate to get some Great Building tiles I need.



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Progresive era (only 2 things left to research on it then I am on to the Modern era).

I play daily except when I am not home. (camping/fishing/hunting/etc)

I motivate/polish several times a week.

Cathedral of Aachen, I just started it today and instantly took it to level 3 using forge points before I decided to post here and give people a chance to help me and get some bonuses in the process, I am going to be spending over 700 points upgrading it over the next few days, I will wait a day or 2 before I start spending more points to give people time to spend a few points on it to get their bonuses.