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Wanted Active Members for Newbie Guild in Odhrorvar


I started a Newbie Guild in Odhrorvar World called "Celtic Dragons". We are currently searching for ACTIVE members who want a GREAT Guild with a GREAT Group of people, who will participate in GE. Our guild 1-3 place weekly in GUILD EXPEDITION. I had 5 other worlds, but I have downgraded to 3 to spend more time helping my guild members learn all of the advantages. Our motto is "Together We Are Strong". We are learning, growing, and having Fuuunnnn together !!!! We only have 4 or 5 rules, and all of them come with benefits. For our first Guild Expedition we took 3rd place a bronze trophy even tho we had no advantages. We work very well together ….. We are helpful, kind, and respectful. We had 20 members but are now down to 10 good, strong members due to a recent house cleaning of members that weren't contributing as a team. COMMUNICATION IS KEY IN THIS GUILD..... If you are looking for a family to learn , grow strong with, and have lots of fun we are your home.

For an invite please send Lady Felise (Founder) a messg.
Thank You, and Happy Foraging.:)
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