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Wanting to start a new guild


I am looking for SAM daily players. Those that are on line a lot, have an level 80 or higher Arc, can do 64 encounters in GE in less than 72 hours (24 hours even better) and love to fight in GBG and GvG or can help out in GvG now and then. Guild members that can help donate to others' GBs in a 1.9 thread quickly to help level member's GBs with profit a secondary factor. Fighters that like to fight and fight often. No friends, no allies and no NAPs unless a majority of the guild think it would be a benefit. Tired of leaders decided when and where the guild fights? Thinking it seems like fighting benefits the leaders more than the others? My guild would be the one for you. I am looking for a minimum of 14 additional players before creating. One big benefit would be to be a part of a guild that raises from the Bronze league to Diamond league and dominating all aspects of the game, being in a guild that can help level your GB no matter what the current level. If interested, send me a PM on "O" world server (not here) and if and when I get 14 or more like hearted players, I will create guild and send out invitations to all interested parties.


I think most all would like to find that perfect guild, good luck.