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Wargasm seeking active team members


Ladies and Gents,

I present to you an opportunity to join a noble guild by the name of Wargasm!

We are an active bunch and truly appreciate each others company as we fight our way to the top. If you want to be in an organized, fun and helping guild then this is the one for you!

We are not militant in our rulings, but we don't allow unruly or inactive members to hang around and mooch off our success.

We are organized and have very simple rules that any active team player would find no trouble in following:

1) Participate in Guild Expedition (GE) weekly. We prefer you to at least complete level 1 each week, but understand for some players its not feasible. Zero participation is not tolerated. We currently have 5 Gold Trophies and 1 each Silver and Bronze.

2) Donate 1 FP to every Great Building posted in the Sticks to Bricks thread. This applies to all members, whether you have a GB or not.

3) Donate 1 FP to every Observatory posted in the weekly Obs thread.

4) Post only fair trades. You may pre-coordinate an unfair trade with members, but perpetual unfair trades will not be tolerated.

5) Motivate/Polish guild-mates at least 3 times weekly.

6) Donate to the Guild Treasury. We don't have a set requirement, but we work together to keep it going for GE costs.

7) Be a team player, respectful and don't be dramatic- remember its just a game.

We like to joke around and chat about anything, but don't be crude. If you are going to be absent for 7 days or more notify a team leader.

We are not currently active in GvG, but we are open to players who would like to take the lead in organizing a GvG team.

Our Doors are open for you to come on by and see what we are all about.

Team Leaders: Abitoheaven, Skye4me, & s2tpshelly
Level 17
Rugnir World