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Greetings! Warsong Templars has opened the doors for recruiting active Fighters, Valkyries, Merchants & farmers to increase our holdings in Cirgard! We are a collection of intelligent & fun association of people who enjoy each other’s company, sharing ideas & helping each other rise above the rest! We pride ourselves on being a no pressure no drama guild that helps one another thru fair trade, information, advice, support & friendship.

We respect each other as individuals in playing Forge of Empires and all strive in pursuit of a common goal – To move Upward & Onward. Guild decisions are made by the entire guild not 1 or 2 members.

Our current members are comprised of many great guilds that have merged together: Warsong Clan, Mystic Alliance, DOA, The Trader’s Guild, and BLB. These mergers have allowed Warsong Templars to have many high-level players and brought extraordinary skills sets for expertise in all levels of play.

Our requirements for becoming a Warsong Templar member:

· Minimum points – 500,000.00 ( Five Hundred Thousand)

· Must have Observatory & Alcatraz

· Must complete a minimum of 32 encounters in GE

· Aid your fellow Guild brothers & sisters

Warsong Templars can offer High level players that can keep the trade boards moving, expertise in all levels of play, daily & weekly incentives such as lottery, GB clubs, FP swaps, Highly competent GVG generals & our Town Hall is generating 8 FP per day for your gaming pleasure.

Please feel free to take a look at the Warsong Templars and if you like what you see and feel you will be a good fit please contact – Orne, Enclave71, stlcard, kendragcarter, mjpatton12 or Stella the Model

We want to hear from YOU! Forge On!
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