Wascally Wabbit's

Damien BloodRose

Are you looking for a guild that you can be yourself in? That you don't need to conform to a long standing list of rules and regulations? For members that will help you out if they can and appreciate every opinion you've got without judging you for it?

We like to have fun, trading fun and even guild chat fun.
We're a fun guild with fun members.

We're looking for new members, old members, active members most of all.

We are new, We are growing and we are getting our GvG going, if you'd like to be a part of something.

Either go In-World and send a message to Skotalot, Bugbear, IAMLEGEND187 or Damien BloodRose (Myself), (Just mention you saw the Forum Post.)

Or, you can leave a reply here and someone will get around to sending you an invite soon.


New Member
Please add me to your guild

I have been playing for about a week now and I am just about to enter the iron age. Please add me to your guild. I'd love to trade!