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We are looking for a few good guild members!

If you are somewhat new to the game or this is a new world and you are looking for a guild, we might be a fit! If you are a seasoned player stuck in an inactive guild, we might be a fit! We are small but very active. We do ask our guild members to participate, ask questions, and work to make your city and the guild grow! We have arc groups,1.9, basic FP threads and specialized threads. We open all 4 levels of GE and we’ve been in Platinum league in GBG for the last few seasons. And this current season (10/1) we are in diamond! If you are interested, talk to Hazel at Pirates & Scallywags or leave a message here!
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I have been very successful in finding good guild members from this forum! Not everyone works out but for the most part the guild members from the forum are interested in the game and learning how to play!