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Unformatted We have ferris wheels...

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We have ferris wheels don't you think we need some roller coasters? Send the train car into a tunnel. You could add loops and tunnels the same as Rousioi, and Leukoi tracks for attack and goods etc.
Very glad to see some nature rewards coming up in Wildlife event. Some nature is needed also. We don't want to jut build a concrete jungle.


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Ideas need to be posted in a mandatory format. Yours isn't to start with.

When formatted, they can not be on the Do Not Suggest List.

Also they should not have been proposed before.

Read how you should propose an idea


Make sure it is not on the Do Not Suggest List


And use the forum search function to see if your idea is as new as you think it is


If you have checked if your idea meets all requirements you can propose it again.

Good luck!