We need GvG fighters!

We have almost 20 members in our level 17.5 guild. Our best score in GE is 94.9%. We desire to improve on that. We did not push GE from the beginning and our record reflects those days. We require members to be active and participate in advancing the guild and its members. We have an innovative thread where members can swap goods for forge points... We have very active swap threads. We are a solid friendly group of players who enjoy helping new people and making new members feel welcome. We need members who desire to get involved in GvG. We are just now making GvG a part of our game and training in Iron Age. Leadership opportunities exist in this area, but we will promote from within after we see someone organized enough, motivated enough, teamwork oriented enough, and loyal enough who has a desire to learn. There is always more to learn. We offer goods incentives to new players to the game. We are normally invite only... but our doors are open this weekend. But please send me a pm if interested. Leoanard the Terrible.