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We need new rewards in GE


Active Member
People will never be satisfied, it’s in their nature. They will always complain about low rewards.
I dont think it's people are never satisfied. I think things grow stagnant over time. Expedition started somewhere in 2016, or at least that's the first mentions of it I could find with a quick search. Two-ish years later people have grown bored with the same prizes and started this thread. Upgrades came in eventually and again, after a year plus, those that really want those prizes probably have them and everyone else just uses them for AD fodder. Which does make it seem less rewarding. Power creep across the board makes these same prizes less and less with every passing event or special building to come out.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
This thread really does show how time marches on, new features totally change up how the game is played, and how power creep constantly moves upward. SoK and watchtowers, now items almost totally ignored by most players. Terrace Farm going that route even with the upgrade for it. I still disagree today about the FoY being worthless, the same as I would have a year or more ago, it is still quite useful for diamond farms and for everyone else it gives a good AD payout.