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Welcome to Z's Bar & Grill


We are a top 100 Guild on this server that strives for excellence and seeks active members who are as committed to each other as they are to their own growth. Our guild offers these membership benefits:
⭐ Guild Battlegrounds (GbG) -50 Advance min. per battle session
⭐ Guild Expedition (GE) – 4 levels opened Day 1
⭐ A Town Hall giving 3 FP daily with other rewards
⭐ A 90% Attack GB thread
⭐ A 85 % GB Swap thread
⭐ Multiple FP swap threads
⭐ New GB Support thread (Stix to Bricks) – 1 FP (min.) per member
⭐ Fair Trades
⭐ Optional Guild Lottery – winner gets 5 FP from each player
⭐ Arc & Alcatraz leveling support
⭐ Open guild enrollment (NO diamond farmers – this must be your main world)

Presently every member has an Arc – 6 are at L80 (or higher).
We are looking for players who want to do well in the Guild Battlegrounds. Come join us…