What is kind?

So you're military (or ex-military) and you find volunteer work "pretentious"? I find that rather contradictory. Or maybe I've just had the wrong idea about the attitude towards helping others that I thought military people had?
I think you have an idealistic mindset a little out of tune with reality.

No need to reply. Drop it.

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:) Progressive. She liked the buildings there so she decided to stay. She enjoyed being part of a guild, even though it isn't RL, she felt like she was meeting people and that helped after my dad died.
Sorry for your loss. I feel that same way, being in a guild. Even if I'm the only one that participates in GvG, I still enjoy it.


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I plunder daily and 'donate' the goods I get into doing the GE level 4 so I can get diamonds! Lol, I seriously plunder as much as I can and consider it to be part of my goods 'income' and have gotten over 100 goods in a day from my neighbor's 'donations.' I also started my own guild in U world, play the piano, work as a freelance writer, and take care of my ten chickens and three cats.
I’m not happy about being plundered (who is?), but it’s part of the game. My beef is being plundered by a player with millions of points while I have 660K. Yeah, I get it that that is part of the game too. However, it would be great if there were options for the lower-point player to at least slow-up the plunderer in some way. Someone suggested a way to booby trap a building, for example. Anyway, I rarely plunder (usually to fulfill a quest) but after reading this and similar posts, maybe I should. Ponder, ponder. To answer your questions, I’m into to all kinds of music and film, and also nature, animals/wildlife. Love to travel, motel and camp. I also try to write stories but I am never happy with them.