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What is the strategy for distribution of eras in GVG?


I have not fought in GVG, so I have no idea how it works. Total noob here.

In GVG the map is era specific, so players mainly fight in their own era (or maybe one era lower?).

Therefore guilds seem to focus on particular eras. For example, the guild might have a lot of PME and Future players, so they do GVG in PME and Future.

Also, since it requires allocation of guild goods, it seems that normally there needs to be an officer of the guild in the era that is fighting. So, for example, even if a guild has 10 HMA players, if they have no officer in that era, it seems that often a guild will not fight in that era that they have no officer.

What is the typical strategy for how many players are desirable per map/era fought, or does it matter? In other words, is it better to fight in a lot of different eras with a small number of players in each era, or is it better to focus on 1 or 2 eras and try to get as many players as possible into those 1 or 2? Is there an optimal number of players for a particular map/era?


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In terms of eras its going to depend on the players (generally the higher up in eras you are and the higher your attack/defense values and Alcatraz) means that you can effectively fight in multiple eras. Of course you can't be everywhere at once so sometimes you have to pick which era you'll be spending your time on at reset.

As to whether it's better to fight in multiple eras with a small number of players versus a couple with a lot of players the general answer is more is better. More fighters means you can conquer spots faster which means less cost in goods if you are facing an active defender killing your sieges. What is your goal in GVG though? Having 1/3 of the iron age map probably isn't as good as having a few sectors in various higher ages for your guild growth level as the higher ages pay a lot more to the guild for owning sectors.

You do know that the cost of sieges goes up with the amount of sectors you own on any given map right? The cost gets expensive fairly quickly if you haven't worked out how to manage your resources utilized versus the amount you can generate.

Really you can't just take a generic bit of advice and think that it will be very useful for you for GVG. Optimal is going to be dependent upon many player specific facts such as how good are your attack/defense of your participating members, troop generating ability (especially rogues), how many can be on at the time you want to fight (and if holding specific territory against an opponent how many can be on at recalc), how many goods can you produce for the guild and how are you going to organize your fights (chat, 3rd party method, etc.).