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[Question] What is this 35%

I love FoE, but there are things I will never understand
I do not think it's fair:oops:
What is this 35% and almost earn : Prntscr.com/dhwmlg
I with 117% attack and 95% defense and almost lost the first battle
I leave this question: why a Recon Raider unit with only 35%
Easily destroys Behemoth with 117%
So why did x% to identify each unit and everything random ??

One day they remember to put a doll with a broom and it defeats my units:rolleyes:
The only unit that has done justice to percentage , its Rail Gun:)
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The recon raider's total attack vs a behemoth is 383. If you have 117% def boost then the behemoth's defense is 260. That should give the raider a base damage of 5-7, reduced to 3-5 by force shield. So probably killed in 3 hits, possibly in 2. Be a little worse if the raider in rubble or entrenchment, a little better if the behemoth is in forest or bushes.