what makes a guild great

yee yee boy

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there are many many guilds in FoE what makes the best guild in your world great and what makes the worst the worst?

yee yee boy

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good point caus then that means they dont really care or dont even know how and if they dont know how how will they do other things it could also mean they aint on much witch aint good either for a guild

Godly Luke

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In order good - bad

The Good-
1. the people
2. the opportunities
3. the benefits

The bad-
1. "You can customize your guild description"
2. Few members
3. Inactive people
4. rude people


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how do u get more members if your guild intentions are good?
a few things:
DONT drive everyone crazy on global.(if you cant do this avoid global)
Have at least 1-2 mill ranking points at minimum, and a arc you are leveling if not completed with.
you need to have been playing for awhile.
Know what you are doing.
Be kind and respectful.
Micellaneous other things.