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what would your dream city look like?


Every single square in my city used for max efficiency, producing 20-30ish troops per day. I don´t really know what else though, cause this is a very vague question. Also, I would only have the useful GB´s unlike Voyager 1 or something.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Venus Era
All Gbs at level180 except for CF and Traz which would be at level 200
The city would be filled with mostly Eagle Mountains...and a few Celtic Farmstead. With an out wall all around of two deep Sentinel Outposts level 2
Plus another 500 Sentinel outpost one and upgrades in storage. and another 500 Eagle Mountain kits in storage. and same for Celtic farmstead.
Toss in 1000 House of horror kits too.
And for Goods owned... Make that 25,000,000 each, of every one yet created. and same for Special Goods too. Toss in five billion in FP packets too.
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