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Whats new in Jaims


Yes I have returned. No I'm not dead. and whats the newest Drama catch me up.


What's new in Jaims. Tons of new! Mained Patty left the game. Aprus really needs a girl friend. Whiskey Tango is really unhappy with Titans. CR and the Traid are at war again.


Oh? Whiskey Tango's done some things to irk me, I'm glad to hear you're making their life difficult.

And since when is the Triad and CR/SB/Inferno not at war with each other?


Well-Known Member
Alot of members have left, some in immportant standings
(im not talking about myself)
im tlking about former top 10 players, curret top 10 players, goods dealers that i knew, and friends of mine