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When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

If that was the real reason then there would be no single player guilds in platinum or diamond league.

How many of those guilds are in a top 10 spot in their respective worlds? In my world, most of the top guilds have 50 or more players. The smallest one has 14 and everyone of those 14 players has more than 7million points. Yes a one person guild can do alright In platinum or diamond but who stands a better chance - a guild with one good player or a guild with 14 or more good players?
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Gypsy Grace

Active Member
It seems out of balance to me as well. Especially the last few seasons. I'm in a guild with a dozen or so members. We were recently up against one guild with over 70 members, most of which were very high ranking. We were the smallest, the next smallest had over 30 members.


New Member
I'm in one of the guilds that bounces back and forth. We've added players and structured the guild to get stronger in GBG. We don't want anything given to us. We just want to have fun in GBG. It's too easy to move up to diamond but hard to compete in top diamond. Maybe cutting down on number of +LPs you get and leave how many -LPs you can lose. Make it more difficult to move up. Maybe that would cut down on the bouncing between diamond and platinum. It would force platinum guilds to get stronger as they try to move up. Just do it in platinum and diamond leagues. It is a game of slow accumulation, after all.