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Where is my Friends Tavern?


New Member
Where is my Friends Tavern.pngWhere is my Friends Tavern.png I finished researching [Construction] technology and the graphic says it unlocks Friends Tavern. Where is it???

Ok, I have read the announcements and I know the game has been updated so the Friends Tavern is unlocked with {Brewery]. As a virtual toddler (Iron Age) who is trying to help a friend in BA I - started a new city in a new world to repeat what I did in the fog of virtual infancy. If this had happened the first time through (when i was a virtual infant) I did not know enough to realize i was missing something. Now I do NOT like the update to switch which technology unlocks Friends Tavern - because my first advice to new players is to start friending other players. You can keep them even if you switch Guilds. AND I do think the game aesthetics would be better served by unlocking Friends Tavern with Brewery.

But fix the in-game graphics so they match the in game unlocking rules.

AND unlock something else when a new player unlocks Construction (something that teaches the new player how to connect with other players).
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Information regarding the technology that the Friends Tavern unlocks with is incorrect in the technology tree. This is a known issue and will be fixed.