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Which GBs have you been to IRL?


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I have been in the Colosseum (it’s more impressive than the FoE version!)

I have been in an Observatory. (not sure if it was THE Observatory )

I have been in the US capitol.



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I've been to:

The Capitol
Notre Dame
The Colosseum
St. Mark's Basilica
Alcatraz and
Cape Canaveral

I've also been inside the Fortress that is said to be built on the site of the original Library of Alexandria and have been inside the current Library of Alexandria. I've also seen statues from the Terracotta Army in a museum.
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Captain Christian

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I went to D.C. and saw the capitol, but never went inside it. My dad's been to the Colusseum and many other G.B.s in real-life because he was in the navy, but I've never left the country.

Lady Gato

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Darn you guys -

Well here goes - I've been at another country's capitol/palace (King Kamehameha I, Kingdom of Hawaii - located in Oahu, HI), visited a replica of the Giza Pyramid in Memphis, TN (a lot smaller though - Giza should be a GB), visited a full size replica of the Parthenon also located in TN (the Parthenon should also be a GB), visited several plantation houses (southern US- FOE residential buildings), visited a gallows and an old time saloon in Tombstone, AZ (FOE cultural buildings), and I have driven by the Space Shuttle Orbiter "Pathfinder" in Huntsville, AL (which should also be a GB). I know, I know, I am stretching this . :)


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For me, only the Capital. We went to DC and went on the Captial tour. Though the best part of the DC trip was a bike tour of the monuments/memorials at night. Even though it was raining and freezing, it was so much fun. Hands were numb at the end lol.

A while back, we were on vacation in Florida and were going to go to Cape Canaveral to watch a Space Shuttle flight on our last day (I think the last launch, but I'm not sure) and it got delayed so we never actually made it, unfortunately.

We were also going to go to California and see stuff like Alcatraz, but that whole trip got cancelled due to COVID. Don't know if we will replan that trip yet or go elsewhere. Have a couple of options we are looking at for next summer.