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Who is leveling up my GBs?


I recently logged on and found 3 of my GBs leveled up. I am not mad about this, but curious. I thought it was good manners to ask before leveling up someone's GB, unless otherwise stated. How can I figure out who my benefactor was?

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Probably a neighbor. Neighbors rarely care about manners when it comes to sniping.

If you are doing 1.x then it is likely whoever shorted you, if not, it's hard to tell, but probably someone who took a large profit with a big Arc or someone who only put 1 or 2 on.

Could also be someone tired of waiting for you to level the building if their donation has been sitting for a long time without much movement.

That's from experience. There is no way to know for certain without knowing who was on your building earlier, and how much they'd donated.


Well-Known Member
^^^ What Kranyar said ^^^

I thought it was good manners to ask before leveling up someone's GB
Yes, it is.
If you can figure out that it was a guildmate that did it, and assuming your guild frowns on that (most do, some don't), you can take it up with guild management.
If you can figure out that it was someone on your friends list, you can unfriend them.
If it was just a hoodie...sorry. The hood is the wild wild west. We have no use for manners here. Just profit.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
But is it really stealing if you are making a nice profit, and they are getting more fp then they would on a swap thread or other method they are using? Often with a big Arc, someone can get a great snipe, but the owner still gets 1.8 or better. If the person is self leveling, any free fp is a bonus for them. If not, they should learn to prep their buildings properly so snipes below the percent they want to receive don't happen.

I recently got "sniped" on one of my buildings at 1.95 when I was prepping for 1.93. Was I mad? Heck no.

Johnny B. Goode

Well-Known Member
The best suckers oops... victims, are those who self level. Snipers will seek out those players, they will tell their friends about them. they will ask to be friends. all to rob you blind, while you think they are being nice. LOL
I self-level on most of my worlds at this point in my life, and in my experience there are not enough snipers telling their friends about me. I couldn't care less if someone else profits from donating to my GBs, I am appreciative of every FP that I don't have to provide. And by the same token, I couldn't care less if you're in my hood and expect 1.9 from me if I decide to donate to your GB. You'll get what I give you and no more. LOL