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[Question] why ???

something is very wrong in my account
put option lists of friends my avatar has 5105.347 points prntscr.com/bw8wgg
move to the Guild list my Avatar has 5124.517 points prntscr.com/bw8vnx
and with this and other situations of the same type
my climb is slow, very slow all my friends
who had a million points less, are now all pass by me
I do not understand because I have more GBs and higher levels than them :(


Can't say much about whatever issue you are having with your avatar. No idea what you are even talking about.
Your city, guessing D world.....Between all the GBs and 1x1s you have chose to put up you have lil room for much more.
3 goods buildings.....donated to treasury add points....you are very limited.
3 racks and only 2k battle wins........again, points that you are very limited by your choice of build.
GBs and levels only give limited points. If points are what you seek start donating goods and fighting. All those GBs and 1x1s will not get you there.


Also, of the 22 GBs, 12 of them are level 4 or less. While highly leveled GBs aren't worth as many points as they once were, minimally leveled GBs were never worth much. Why waste space with them if you're not going to get them leveled?
this fotoprint was taken from now : prntscr.com/bx0xrh
will several years I am neighbor of high punctuation players: prntscr.com/bx0z1z
with so powerful neighbors : prntscr.com/bx11dj
8th in the Arctic Future, I think I'm not so bad
anyway thanks for the attention and love FoE:)