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Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback


New Member
A small low to mid-tier guild from the look of things, so maybe things are different for those who tend to be very casual players, though looking through your guild I very much doubt more than a small handful have even played the event game yet.
Wrong, most of them have, and we're talking about it.

Ever heard the story on why you don't assume things?


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
Let me remind you this is a feedback thread, not a discussion. Nobody needs to react to posters giving feedback.
This even is clearly designed to maximize the amount of money people spend. Coins are way, way, way too hard to acquire. The idea is OK, but the details are awful.


Where does skill come in when your bottom
this thread itself already showed how good this event design is. poor skill people not getting anywhere in the event and people who willing to spend diamond are willing to use the credit card on it. prefect in multiple perspectives
tile is orange and there are no orange tiles on either side, or one cannot strategize a way to get them down past other blocks?
Thinking deeply helps, but I do not believe I will get enough upgrades to make the event building worth its footprint. But some competitors will figure it out somehow and I am goon get CREAMED in PvP by those players.
I HAVE had several paws drop, but only work down 0-2 per game.


Most events include a clock, so you know how many days you have left. This one does not. Also, I wanted to check the costs of the special items, and I have to use a ticket to see that. I am tired right now, and this game is murderously difficult, so I only want to play it at my sharpest.

Andy Griffith

New Member
This event is a steaming pile of useless "prizes" (oh boy, coins!) and a grand prize that's impossible to get without diamonds.


This is my least enjoyed event by a lot so far. Only comparable to the St. Patrick's event. I have already decided to practically give up on it for my farm towns. Based on the time and effort I'd have to get in to get only a few WW shrinks from chests I might not even get to open doesn't seem worth it.
I dislike the tickets coming in on a timer. This punishes people who wish to save their tickets for rewards they want. And considering that the entire framework of the rest of this game is built around patience and saving resources until the right time, this is what I consider a big design flaw.
Personally I dont like brick matchup games and this one is just one of many. They arent particularly fun for me. So not only is this event time consuming it's not entertaining.
I'll try to get the main prize in my primary city. But I'm not wasting any diamonds on this one.
Once again a chance at a chance for a reward is not a good offer.
It does seem the bottom mini game tiles are 'adjusted' before the game starts so they cannot be matched.
If it were actually random then those tiles would have some good some bad. the bottom tiles are uniformly bad and deliberately very hard to match.
And then the empty sets. Start with no Paws, do 20 plays of bits and still not one paw? And not just once either'
Later today the game got a little better.but the bottom blocks still really suck and i is clear the constant mismatch is designed into the game.
Why design a game that as one Guildie wrote in paraphrase "it just sucks" But his words were generally not suitable for children's ears.
You're right. I gave it the old college try and have played 10 or more times. At least 4 of the 10 times saw 1 paw on the opening and none after that. A few more times it was the same story but with 2 paws on opening, get them down in a few turns, then nothing for the next 20. Horrible game design, disappointing and un-fun.


I am feeling better about the mini-game after a good night's sleep, morning coffee to improve my mental sharpness, and the discovery of the last surprise box. I think all you need is about 1 paw per ticket average to get the top prize. So all those lost paws don't bother me as much.

I like the incentive to play evenly throughout the event.

The more bricks in a group, the more stars, so those chests should pay better than low star chests. This morning I got 18000 supplies for a 4-star, and 3 fp for a one-star. I have 1.5M supplies--that is no prize at all but fp are treasures. So FOE staff need a more accurate idea of what we value.

Roja the Ragious

New Member
I guess if I've gotten 63 paws so far (since my next grand prize progress is 3/20 and it's an upgrade, with dumb medals following that), then I must be doing pretty well, considering I only need to get 140 paws total to get the 3 upgrades needed for 1 building (6 needed to get Eagle, with 1 already in box and 2 for quest rewards).
But man, this gameplay is frustrating!

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Most events include a clock, so you know how many days you have left. This one does not. Also, I wanted to check the costs of the special items, and I have to use a ticket to see that. I am tired right now, and this game is murderously difficult, so I only want to play it at my sharpest.
The clock for the event is located on the event quest screen, not the event game screen. This is the same as it always is.

You do have a point about being able to see tool costs if you aren't currently in a game. I can't check to verify if this is true since I have a game open with a number of chests ready to drop, but I am waiting until the daily special changes in order to continue.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Just played a level of the mini game and not a single paw print appeared! What a crappy game. That is just wrong.!
Every single game I've played has had at least one paw showing when the game starts, and I've played about 20 boards so far.

When this event was on Beta, Inno changed the games to make sure that there was always at least one paw showing at the start of a game, so if you are actually starting a game with zero paws, you should immediately screenshot your board and file a ticket with support, since I'm pretty certain that zero paws at start isn't intended and would be a bug.

Inno did make a lot of changes to the game between Beta and Live, so maybe something happened to cause this during those changes. I've also noticed that Inno reduced the number of coins won from the daily quests from 25 to 20, so I'm starting to think that getting a second event building for free might be impossible, and the chances of keeping the price to finish a second one for cheap might not be likely either.


New Member
My feedback? Couldn't have been worse than that. It's a terrible design, poor execution and a crappy mini-game... that's it.
I'm waiting on Inno's little questionnaires asking us what was wrong... like how they did with St.Pat's one and didn't change anything after.