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Winter Event 2018

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We are rapidly approaching the end of the year, and on this side of the globe, this means shorter days, darker nights and the Winter Event!
Dear Kings and Queens,

The Winter Event has returned, but with a twist! In the spirit of Forge of Empires and the idea of exploring wintery stories, a storyteller from the north is visiting your city, telling two tales about Grandfather Frost.

The event will start on the 3rd of December.

Completing quests and logging in every day will grant you Stars you can use to unwrap presents! 40 rush quests and 31 stacking daily quests are waiting for you to be completed.

The presents this year can contain prizes such as Forge Points, different kinds of Fragments, blueprints, units and awesome buildings. Some old Winter Event favourites return this year, but new buildings and kits are also waiting for you! Additionally, each opened present will grant you a matchstick which you can use to light one to three candles on the tree. Make it to the top and receive the grand prize shown above the tree!

Once the daily special changes or a "Shuffle"-tile has been uncovered, all presents will be removed from the board and a new set of rewards is selected. After this, you'll see all presents that will be available on the coming board. When you press the "Start" button, the presents are hidden and shuffled. To open a present you will have to spend 10 Stars. The daily special has also returned to the game and will offer you a different prize each day. Make sure to pay attention to the daily prize display in the lower right of the event window to grab the prize you're waiting for!

In addition to the regular gifts, there’s also a chance you might stumble upon a special tile when you open a present. These are:


The entire set of presents are revealed, and you must press the "Start" button to hide and shuffle the presents again. You'll also get 10 stars added directly to your total stars.

Double payout

The next present you open will be doubled!

Show 2

The contents of two unopened presents is revealed (but not taken) and you get 3 stars.

But of course, new rewards are also waiting for you! Completing the quest line will grant you two new avatars befitting the stories told.

Our new winter-themed building, the Winter Spire, can be taken from a small building site to a magnificient monument for your city!

Each level of this powerful residential building has a 4x4 size and provides you with population and coins. When motivated, higher levels will add supplies, goods, Forge Points and a defense boost. At level 12, the building provides you with 6 Forge Points, 15 goods and a defense boost!

But of course, the event also comes with some new and fitting buildings you can win by opening presents!

The Sleigh Builder is a 2x3 production building that produces coins, supplies, clan power, medals and goods, depending on which production you choose!

The Charming Cottage is a 4x3 residential building that, in addition to coins, produces 6 of one random good of your current age when motivated.

Some of the new buildings in this event are obtained as upgrades we're bringing to the game. Their kits will allow you to upgrade familiar buildings into more powerful versions with bigger bonuses and a new look!

The Watchfire - Lv. 2, aside from the new look, also provides a defense boost of 6% instead of the 4% of the original Watchfire. You can use a Watchfire Upgrade Kit to upgrade your existing Watchfire!

The Victory Tower - Lv. 2 provides double the amount of medals as the familar Victory Tower. You can use the Victory Tower Upgrade Kit to upgrade your existing Victory Tower!

The Winter Event will last until the 2nd of January 2019. We hope you enjoy this Wintery event and the new buildings!

Your feedback is always very important for us, so don't forget to comment HERE!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

The Forge of Empires Team
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