Women Warriors - TheRebels are looking for fighters


Looking for Guild?

We don't discriminate, we take anyone.
We do have quite a few women warriors and we are looking to add a few more!
The Rebels are looking for members. YOU MUST BE in the world ODHRORVAR TO JOIN!
We are #14 guild, we are at Level 38, have 70+ ACTIVE members.
We are fighting GVG on multiple maps.

There are only few requirements:
1) Be Active - if you have not played in a week and did not post your absence you will be removed, but you can always re-join when you become active again.
2) Fair Trades - We trade (2:1, 1:1 or 1:2) and (up or down 1 level).
3) Be respectful to other members.
4) You must be able to check messages on a regular basis.
5) Build either an observatory, arc or atom.
6) Donate 1fp a day or 7fp a week to an obs/arc/atom of the week (picked member)
7) participate at in GE each week

What we do have:
All active players
We have experienced players who can answer questions
We love to help our members with trades that will help you advance
We have a great GvG trainers who will help you master it quickly.
We are GvG - voluntary
Great Building Never-ending thread to help build your great buildings quickly
Great Building Clubs to level them up quicker
We are active on guild chat to answer questions and help with trades
We Unlock level 4 in GE each week.

If you are interested please go to your city and send me a message: timberk2s
or please leave a message below....
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