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Word Shift


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Welcome to Word Shift!

This game is a little more intellectual than some of the others. Word Shift is simple: starting with one word, players can do one of a series of actions to that word. The next player does another action, and the chain continues. The allowed actions are:
  • Adding any one letter to the word (in any spot)
  • Removing any one letter of the word (in any spot)
  • Changing one letter to another
  • Moving one letter of the word
  • Word Shift (scramble the word)
    • To perform a word shift, the letters of the word are scrambled. For example, if the word was "pots" and you wanted to do a Word Shift, the new word could be "tops." You can see another example of this in the example game spoiler below
To make the game a little easier, special letter combinations can count as one if needed. All the actions can be performed to these special combinations just as they would to a single letter. These special combinations are:
  • SH
  • ST
  • CH
  • TH

However, the new word must be a word in English, and you can not undo a change immediately (for example, if one player adds a letter, you can not, as the next poster, remove that letter). Additionally, there is no double posting.

An example round can be seen below in the spoiler.
MoveActionNew Word
Start of GameStarting WordMart
1Remove a letterMar
2Add a letterMare
3Change a letterHare
4Remove one letterAre
5Change a letterOre
6Add a letter combinationStore
7Remove a letterSore
8Word ShiftRose

If, at any point, the word becomes "stuck" and there is no other way to change it to be a new word other than undoing the previous poster's action, then a new word can be given if at least three posters agree that it is stuck (this is in place to prevent people becoming uncreative and just starting a new word every time).

So, to start this new game, the word will be: SHIFT
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Umm... oh wow the ninja-ing is crazy right now.

Rules updated with a new action: Word Shift.
Added new special combination: TH