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Wynners Song of Dark Country (Dunkelland) The End.

Flavius Belisarius

Active Member
Wynners Song of Dark Country (Dunkelland) The End.

Belisarioos pulled up to the edge of Sharp Charming Village. The clang and clash of steel bouncing around his helmet. The smell of blood and vomit burning his nose. The harsh cries of pain and suffering from the dying soldiers of Game of Thrones was music in his ears. A lonely escaping regiment ran into his well rested band of Rogues and Armored Infantry. They made short work of the desperate fleeing soldiers. Then all heard the great Huzzah as the legions of C-Bo lifted the victory banner of The Truck Runners Wynners over the battered Town Hall of the Sharp Charming Village.
Belisarioos’ Rogues and Infantry raced to care for the wounded, but victorious Wynners. Comforted with the knowledge of the great feast and celebration to come at Rhythwyn’s Bazaar in East Ecenilands.
8282016 Procopius (official scribe of Flavius Belisarus)