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I have only been playing a month. I started on x. I went to y a couple of days after it opened. Then Z opened. With Z opening so close behind y, do any of you feel we will not attract as many players on y, now that z is the newer server?
I look forward to hearing what you long term players think.
Thank you
update, sorry. I just read the thread that had some of yalls opinions on this. I regret starting on Y though.
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I agree on opening Z too soon, plus they could have used it as a beta to try different story lines instead of the same boring "quests" plus trying innovations to the tech trees, such as putting PvP without plundering in Bronze, moving the joining of guilds and plundering to the beginning of Iron as well as extending the Stone Age to be a training era before going into Bronze Age
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More than likely Z was a money decision based on Xmas spending...tough to gain profits when player focus is on gifts rather than games...Releasing it well before the holiday brings in more revenue...trust the bean counters to maximize pre holiday profits..
Z is actually doing pretty good and I opened a Guild in Y - Dragon Force:

Looking for GE/ GvG fighters and Fair Traders for leadership positions

We are a Guild vs Giuld/ General Expedition (GvG / GE) Guild. Participation in the GvG is optional - participating in the GE is mandatory;

Iron Age - minimum 8 encouters (1/2 of level 1)
Early Middile Age: level 1
High Middle Ages - Level 2
Late Middle Ages - level 3
Colinial and up level 4

Failure to meet requirement (unless a situation arisies that you are unable to do this and notifying a team leader in advance will receive 1 warning. Twice will result in removal.

Donating to the Guild Treasury, either manually or with an Observatory is required. Gyuidlines will be posted in the Treasury Donation Thread - a Do Not Leave Thread.

Part time players are welcome, but regular communication is a requirement - if you are going to be unavailable let the team leaders know. Seven or more days without logging in (Unless a personal situation or extended vacation) will result in losing your seat.

Merchants (Traders are welcome) - we are a fair trade guild - Simply put: Even trades for same age goods, 2 lower for 1 higher. no unfair trades will be tolerated, the person will recieve one warning, then removed from guild.

We treat fellow guild members, non guild members and opposing guilds with respect, some trash talking (Within FoE guidelines) is OK, but rude, condescending and personal attacks are not acceptable. If you have a problem with some one - resolve it in a personal message or request a leader to mediate in a private thread.

Dragon Force: E,F,G,R,U,Y
Swords of Light: J,O,Q,S,V
Wynners Guild: M,N,R,T,U,W,X,Y,Z