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Hi everyone,

We're a brand new, tiny little guild, just over a month old here in H. We're easy-going and friendly and looking for all level of active players who may be interested in being part of a new and growing guild. We are a handful of experienced players from L-world who wanted to start something new.

So if you:
- Are brand new to the game? Join us we'll teach you everything we know & we'll grow together.
- Are an expansionist? Join us and we'll trade with you and help you progress through the eras.
- Are an experienced fighter? Come be our General, help build then lead a formidable GvG team.
- Want to be part of something but real-life is too demanding? Join us and be a goods farmer, help us build our treasury to support future GvG.
- Are a veteran player, playing multiple worlds (farming diamonds)? We'll take part-timers as long as you can spare a few moments a week.

Auto-join is on for a limited time. Please join us if you're interested. Feel free to message me with any questions.

B a c c h u s


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Well, you are replying to a post that is 6 months old, and if you don't see him in the guild, he is not there. You can check to see where he is and if he is active.