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Your Feedback for our Announcements is needed!

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FOE Team
Community Manager

Hello Kings and Queens,

In a recent survey, which included a section regarding our forum announcements for events and features, we have seen some feedback that our announcements were lacking some information for players.

As we would be interested in how to improve our forum announcements moving forward, we thought what better place to ask - than the Forum!

We want your feedback! Is there anything missing from our Forum announcements? Are there parts that are less interesting for you, and others, that you would prefer we put in more detail?

Finally, what could we do to make the Forum announcements more engaging?

We very much look forward to your ideas, but as a pre-warning, we will not be able to consider any ideas in which we provide exact quest progression, or daily special lists. Indeed, such a detailed list, would take away from the fun of the event or feature!

Let us know your ideas here within the feedback section!

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!


Your Forge of Empires Team.
Not open for further replies.