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Fixed Zorskog crashing for the past two days

Zorskog has been going down for mobile and PC across multiple ISPs, multiple times per day for the last couple of days.

Everyone in my guild and a couple other guilds in our discord are currently confirming it's been down since 1:46 server time(EST) to now (still down)

Birka is accessible (I haven't tried other servers)

The previous crash was from 1:07pm until 1:16pm EST today

The error message on PC using Chrome is:
This site can’t be reached
us25.forgeofempires.com refused to connect.



FOE Team
Beta Community Manager
Thank you for letting us know.
We are aware that Qunrir and Zorkskog are currently inaccessable.
Our system admins are working on a fix as we speak.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope that it will be fixed soon.