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Thread: How do you get blueprints for great buildings?

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    I went through P/Ming my guild of 75 members today, ended up with 4 BP's, only 1 was a dup. Some days are good...

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    I read one post where a player claimed to have spent $1,500.00 (US) to buy diamonds to get, and completely upgrade, one of the higher lvl Great buildings. seems like a lot of money to me. But that's what the premium content (diamonds) are for: To speed up the game by getting your "stuff" quicker.
    A lot of proposals have been made to speed up the game, make it easier, quicker and more boring. I've opposed most of them because if a player doesn't want to take the time to a acquire resources (including buildings) through game play; however the developers set up that game play; then go for the shortcut by spending diamonds.
    >> What's annoying right now is that there are so few players with great buildings, and the drop rate through polish/motivate/plunder is so low; that almost everyone that has GB's had to buy them with diamonds. That's just now changing as more opportunities to donate come up.
    I think we can expect it to continue to take 2+ months to get a GB through straight game play, or if you don't have the patience, you can speed it up by spending some money

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralCuster View Post
    I think we can expect it to continue to take 2+ months to get a GB through straight game play, or if you don't have the patience, you can speed it up by spending some money
    As a non-payer, I have to say that I'm okay with the speed of GB acquisition. Yes it takes time, but it's not impossible. the "payers" are paying for that convenience and speed, that's the entire reason the diamonds are there, to get people to pay for an edge.

    and I think that BP trading, no matter what form it finally takes, will close a large portion of the gap between payers and non-payers. the devs are doing a pretty darn good job of making the game competitive for both sets in my book.

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    It would be an Easy fix and still have 9 pieces is to eliminate duplicates,
    They must be totally mad whomever set up the GB's up to have dupes then to trade 2 for 1 and let another duplicate be the awarded.
    IMO, What a bunch of CARP (sp)

    Quote Originally Posted by WesleyT View Post
    At least in my case, not true. I barely take part in the PVP towers because once you buy enough expansions with medals, the price for the next one becomes so prohibitive that it ain't worth fighting in them. Plus, I have so many PVP weenies in my neighborhood who attack everyone they can for the points but of course put only 1 or 2 units on defense so that someone else can't do the same thing they are. Anyway, if you see my name in the PVP lists, it's more than likely there because I either:

    1) counterattacked somebody who attacked me or
    2) fought battle(s) conquering a new province

    For the most part, I don't even bother attacking people trying for BP pieces, I've gotten just as many from just motivating or polishing as I have fighting someone, and that gives me the benefit of most of those people returning the favor.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now, a message to the developers:
    I realize this is a beta test, but exactly whose bright idea was it to make EVERYTHING about the GBs random? I can understand making BP drops random, to encourage people to keep trying to get those BP parts. But when I wind up with a BP part I already have and there's nothing to do with it, it makes me NOT want to even try building these. Then, on top of it, after I've helped someone build their GB, to receive as a reward, you guessed it, a randomly determined BP piece(s) that may duplicate ones I already have, again not being able to do anything with the extras. I'd suggest that whoever is responsible for this idea do something to fix this part. Either: 1) remove the randomness of pieces you acquire, 2) make it possible to trade and/or sell pieces, or maybe 3) remove the requirement that you need 9 specific pieces to build these and make it just that you need 9 pieces in total to build em.

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    I wish there was a way to pay supplies or gold to get blueprints.

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    my bronze building drops are quite numerous....however.. i am done with bronze and iron age... i have lighthouse of alexandria, the tower of babel the zeus, the observatory... all bps for the colosseum....and i am working on the other great buildings.....through all ages.. i houndsmoor i have gotten all these and i am successful... you can check me out and see my town.....anyways...the ema bps are being rare...... and the bronze age bps are not...i want to know when the gbs bp counter for m/p/p's are almost finished or something... like a warning that if it IS a counter then the counter lets me know when its almost full... (like 9/10% full, or 10 m/ps, needed 9 done 9/10 finished..something like that) and i want to be able to have all the bps for a gb i am getting....such as the cathedral of Aachen, or the hagia sophia....and i want to be able to get them.. but the "chances" of getting the full set unless it is rigged is slim... and the chances for getting the full sets in a few days not a few weeks is even slimmer thu the "2/1" deal.. which sucks even worse than the bronze age gb/bps getting in my list more than the ones i i wish i could at least have ONE way of knowing if and when i get a bps from the game so i can BUILD the gb in the first place....(when i was trying to get the colosseum the 2/1 was crazy..... it gave me 50 attempts to get the full set at LEAST and i kept getting the ones i already had.... i was all like: "WHYYYYYYYYYY???? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!??!?!?!?!????" so..... can i get a little help here? is the thing a "counter" or a "rare drop" the increases in rarity the higher the age it is? plz let me know.....oh and i did not buy diamonds or use diamonds to gain any of my gbs! was all m/p and trade...
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    There is no counter. With each action of motivate/polish/plunder you have a small chance to obtain a blue print. You either do or you don't. Multiple actions do not increase your chance, they just give you more instances of the same chance.
    After 2.5 years I've decided it's time to move on from here. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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