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Recent content by B0jangles

  1. Valley Forge is recruiting!!!

    Valley Forge is still recruiting those who are self motivated in GBG and GE!
  2. Boost

    I do not boost as my Arc is still low level. I was just curious if people did boost higher, or if 1.9 was generally where is stops.
  3. Boost

    Does anyone boost at a higher rate than 1.9?
  4. Challenge 3

    1 notre dam 2 the arc 3 royal alberts hall 4 himeji castle 5 Colosseum 6 space carrier
  5. Challenge 1

    1 Winter Event 2 Forge bowl Event 3 Fall Event 4 Archaeology Event 5 Spring Event 6 Summer Event 7 Saint Patrick´s Event 8 Halloween Event
  6. Challenge 1

    Piece 9 goes to A Piece 3 goes to B Piece 4 goes to C
  7. Valley Forge is recruiting!!!

    Fun guild recruiting all those who are self motivated and active during the GBG and GE seasons. Any questions, message me, Bocephus the swift in game, I will see it sooner. You help us, we help you!