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February 2, 2021 - Just got even better. Not that any of you know what will happen then, but just letting you know, it's even better now.
Stephen Longshanks
Phil will or will not see his shadow, that's what will happen that day. :p
Or maybe it's that The Pembrokeshire Murders TV series comes to the BritBox streaming service?
Huh. Didn't even know it was groundhog day.

But neither of those are it :D
i was browsing a locked thread titled guild massage center..its a typo on behalf of the op of course..but dang my units would indeed up their game if they got free massages! -within cdc guidelines of course:p
Personally I think adding real world stuff like that in the game is not a good idea. Could add a red light district for reality where your troops can get BJ's but what would be the point of that in a game. I'd rather have tonic potions that allow 100% buffs. Or event troops that never die and are twice as strong and resilient.
personally I think this joke has been played to its MAX. But why be so series sage, osyn is just having some fun.