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  • Inno does this on purpose in the hope that players get mad and then spend the 5 diamonds on collect all button. Otherwise, there would be no point to the stupid endless popups. Plus the stupid popup that shows up when you click on something after your fp bar is at 100 or more and that you can't get rid of by clicking anywhere on the screen but actually have to click ok on the message.
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    You called some people paid influencers and your aren't. Your probably hired by a foreign gaming company to get players to move away from FoE:cool::D
    Maybe you should look into minding your own business and not just complaining about me in response to criticism I have about some aspect of the game. Also, my post was in reply to the previous post I saw from another player commenting on this so it wasn't even just some random comment that was not relevant to the conversation in the chat on the bottom right of the main forum screen.
    It was a joke. Relax. If Inno has influencers it would be on Discord or Facebook or Instagram not these forsaken forums
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