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  • INNO wants us to spend Diamonds What About Storing Great Buildings
    What about 4'000 Diamonds & next 8'000
    How does that sound ?
    QI why is my attack 60% and my defence is 40%
    I have built a lot of attack/def building And it does nothing At all
    Because otherwise, you'd be too OP. It sucks because I only have 50/50 from my Forgotten Temple and I wish I did Settlements.
    Why do we have to Do 2 attacks at a time lol no one can figure out how to just do one battle=ONE wave
    expanding the battlefield and putting all the troops on the field And do away with the 2 wave
    Be nice to have a Clear & Preset for Fast Troops swamps
    It removes all troops And puts your Preset Troops that you picked out in your Army management
    So what is this thing with QI Expansions, Are you Adding new Expansions to our main city ?
    And if so how much longer do we have to wait?
    the QI expansions with the QI medals are for your main city but aren't going to be available until June.
    does that mean Are city Area will Be expanded out words
    This is MAD NESS to hit the close button on my Buildings every time I collect from my city I must have 40+ I have to hit close to get rid of them
    WHY ?
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    Reactions: WANDERERthe
    I want INNO to play with us And do all the 200+ clicking the close/ok button and see that annoying thing just keeps popping up
    & do it 3x a day to make it sink in how annoying it is
    What good is the blue positions if they don't do anything
    I used a little & I used a lot of them And there is no use for them It does not do A thing.
    I love all the pop-ups When Collecting every day
    better if you do everything the same way And make them slower And display them longer after clicking on it
    NO POP-UPS that you have to click on it to close it make it pop up And fade away
    GBG is so unbalanced we have About 20 people in are guild And some of the other guilds in the other sectors have 80 members W?T?F
    Can't even get one Sector 4 our selfs
    Am I the only one unless sleeping I'm online on my Main Citty in Mount Killmore
    Be nice to have Another me that's always online in my guild
    Is it me or is my Blue Galaxy NOT showing how many turns that I have left.
    You just have to click on the buff bar now. It shows, just not on top.
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