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  1. [Guide] Cosmic Raven's Version of Heavy Questing

    EDIT BY MODERATOR: DISCLAIMER: This Guide was never finished to 100%, and the Creator has since stopped playing for undisclosed reasons. The content you will be presented with is very thorough, but take heed parts are missing. Reading through the remaining pages will assist with filling some...
  2. Using FP packs for technology directly from inventory just GBs

    PROPOSAL We should be able to use FP packs for technology directly from our inventory, just as we can do so on GBs. CURRENT SYSTEM We go to technology screen. Select technology. Use our Forge Points. Go back to city screen. Open inventory. Use Forge Point pack. City screen. Technology screen...
  3. Population Efficiency

    I realize that a number of people are needed for training soldiers in reality but why would you ever need more than 50 to house, train and provide for 4 soldiers and their mounts? The military buildings only house 4 soldiers at a time, 5 if you pay the expansion, but they eat up above and beyond...